Sioux City Brick & Tile to Celebrate its 100 Year Anniversary

Sioux City, Iowa – Sioux City Brick & Tile Company, incorporated in 1913, announced today that it is celebrating its 100 year anniversary with special events at each of its two Iowa brick manufacturing plants on August 7, 2013, (Sergeant Bluff) and August 13, 2013 (Adel).

Brick for structures from the well known Woodbury County courthouse to skyscrapers on the Manhattan skyline, such as Carnegie Hall Tower, and brick across the country have been furnished for houses and buildings by Sioux City Brick for over a century. Sioux City Brick, managed by the 4th generation of family ownership, is one of two surviving brick companies in Iowa from a field of over 300 brick plants operating in the State in 1900.

Brick of good quality and color were made at each of the two brick plant locations in the 1800’s before the formal company incorporation in 1913, giving each of the plants a history longer than even that of the company. Today the Adel, Iowa plant makes brick colors from high quality red clay, and the Sergeant Bluff plant completes the color palette with brick made in wonderful buff Ironspot colors.

Sioux City brick modernized its factory at Sergeant Bluff in 1997. The second modern manufacturing plant was brought on line at the Adel plant location in 2001. A third state of the art plant was brought on line at Adel in early 2007. Sioux City Brick continues to apply the latest technology to the art of brick making to provide a premier product for its customers.

Please visit the company web site at We stand by our motto: “We Make Great Brick.”

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