Upgrade to Wastewater Plant to Make Greenest in U.S.

With an eye toward sustainable reuse of waste by-products while making operations more efficient and clean, the Sioux City Wastewater Treatment Plant is moving forward with plans for its facility upgrades.

The design, engineered by Bartlett & West of Des Moines, will ultimately reduce air emissions and improve odor control, supporting the vision for a healthier Sioux City. The city has procured equipment through a $2.25 million contract with DMT in Tualatin, Oregon. The contract includes a chemical scrubber, moisture removal and a carbon dioxide removal system, among other equipment. The equipment purifies waste byproducts into a final product — renewable fuel — which is then sold on the nationwide renewable natural gas market.

"We're seeing wastewater conversion grow in popularity among cities nationwide because it drives local revenue while meeting the nationwide demand for renewable natural gas," said City Utilities Director Mark Simms. "By choosing to purchase one of the most advanced carbon dioxide removal systems in the United States, we will actually be able to generate even more revenue because the renewable natural gas we produce for market will be the highest quality and highest volume possible." 

The project is expected to begin construction within 2018 and be operational in 2019. Over time, the project is expected to pay for itself and position Sioux City as a unique, visionary leader in the Midwest region with one of the greenest renewable natural gas projects to date. 

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