New Business Award to Encourage Sioux City Pride

The Sioux City Economic Development Department has created a new initiative to encourage and highlight Sioux City employers who show pride in the appearance of their business property. The new award name developed for this award is: Pride of Sioux City: Business Beautification Award.

A committee comprised of local business professionals and city staff has been formed to create the program and will select a Sioux City company each month to receive the Pride of Sioux City award. The recognition will be awarded each month from June to October with nominations due by the 10th of each month, winners selected by the 15th of every month, and an award presentation will be made at the 4th Council meeting of each month.

Companies selected will be recognized by the Mayor with a commendation at the beginning of council meetings. In addition, a framed award will be presented and a yard sign (for the month) will be displayed at the business to reinforce their contribution to the beautification of Sioux City. The company will also receive recognition in the Sioux City Journal, city economic development website and city social media platforms.

Criteria to evaluate a business will include: neatly trimmed lawn, bushes and trees, property free of litter and weeds, use of sound landscape practices, originality, condition of flowers, appearance of building façade and signs, sense of community, use of public art, in accordance with city’s zoning code, and overall appearance from curb.

The award is open to all Sioux City businesses. Nomination forms are available in the Sioux City Journal and online at