Iowa Transportation Commission Approves $4.8 Million Grant

Today, the Iowa Transportation Commission approved a Revitalize Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) Immediate Opportunity grant application submitted by Sioux City. Final IDOT adjustments with contingencies resulted in a final award of up to $4,831,000. Funding will be made available to assist with road infrastructure improvements in the Bridgeport and Bridgeport West Industrial Parks relating to the Seaboard Triumph Foods project. Construction is anticipated to begin in April 2016 and continue through the 2017 construction season.

Seaboard Triumph Foods purchased 250 acres in the Bridgeport West Industrial Park earlier this year and has committed to construct a new $264 million pork processing plant on the site adding 1,100 employees. Grading of the land is nearly complete and construction will begin shortly.

Operation of the state-of-the-art plant will add a projected additional 250 trucks and 1,100 employee vehicles to the local road system. As requested by the City, a traffic study of the area was performed by Snyder & Associates to evaluate street system and traffic control needs associated with the planned Seaboard Triumph Foods development. The study area included 18 intersections, as well as meetings with area businesses to discuss their operations and future expansion plans. Needs identified included intersection improvements such as signalization and turn lanes, street realignment, and pavement improvements at several locations to accommodate planned development and increased traffic. The estimate for recommended upgrades is $6,038,750. IDOT RISE funding will provide 80% of this cost and the remaining 20% will be funded jointly by the City and Seaboard Triumph Foods.

Mayor Bob Scott said, “We greatly appreciate the funding approved by the IDOT Commission for this historic project underway in Sioux City. The anticipated road improvements are critical to serve the needs of Seaboard Triumph as well as the many other important industries currently operating in the Bridgeport area.”  

For more information relating to the RISE grant, contact Jennifer Kollacia at 515-239-1738.