Fratco Announces New Location in Sioux City

Fratco is proud to announce the acquisition of a new manufacturing plant in Sioux City, Iowa.

The Sioux City plant marks the 4th Fratco facility as the company expands throughout the greater midwest.

In March, the company entered into an agreement to acquire the Quality Farm Drainage facility at 1700 Riverside Blvd.

They expect to have the new facility up and producing great products in June. Fratco is a leading manufacturer of HDPE

plastic pipe used in agricultural and commercial drainage applications. The Sioux City plant is part of the company's plan

to remain close and accessible to its customers as the family-owned business continues to grow.


"We are very excited to have this opportunity to meet customer demand for Fratco pipe with

new production in Sioux City," said Chris Overmyer, President and CEO of Fratco.

"We are excited about the addition of the Sioux City location for production and distribution, it

gets us much closer to our current customers," said Craig Douglass, Fratco's National Sales

Manager, "plus it opens up new markets for us with people who have wanted our product for a

long time but it was just too far to transport it efficiently."


The new site features two full production lines with new machinery and access to rail. An

adjacent lot will allow for expansive inventory availability so customers within reach of this

location will have immediate access to Fratco's full line of drainage products. Engineers and

leadership from Fratco's Francesville, Indiana headquarters will help implement Fratco's

state-of-the-art production practices in the new facility starting immediately.


"This acquisition reflects the continued growth of the agricultural industry in our area." said

Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott, "We look forward to Fratco's success in Sioux City."

The expansion further westward means Fratco can service Iowa farmers and drainage

contractors better and easier.


Sioux City Plant Quick Facts:

 2 full production lines for manufacturing corrugated HDPE pipe.

 Approximately 8 employees immediately, 25 within 24 months.

 16,700 square feet of production floor, 6,600 sqft office space, 5,600 sqft shop.

 Address: 1700 Riverside Blvd


About Fratco:

Fratco is a leading manufacturer of drainage products including HDPE drainage pipes and

fittings. A 4th generation, family-owned business, Fratco began as a local clay tile kiln in 1923

and has grown to a 4 location, state-of-the-art producer of the drainage pipes for use in

agricultural and commercial drainage applications.


Fratco. Modern Drainage. Old School Grit.


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