Downtown Storefront Grant

In an effort to enhance existing downtown spaces, Downtown Partners has created a Downtown Sioux City Storefront Grant program. Eligible projects must be located within the boundaries of the Downtown Partners SSMID and funds are strictly for use towards storefront improvements and/or start-up business space needs.

A “storefront” is described as: the facade of a store; a room(s) of a commercial building, typically used as a store. Several storefronts could make up one building parcel.

The goal is to provide an incentive to help attract new and retain existing downtown commercial office/retail tenants while enhancing the overall value and appeal of the downtown business district. The program offers a matching grant to owners or tenants (with the owner’s permission) of commercial property in Downtown Sioux City.

Benefits & Regulations

The grant aids in the form of matching funds that are paid to selected applicants upon completion of an approved impact project. Grant funding is available equaling up to 50% of owner or tenant investment, capped at $2,500 per storefront. For example, if owner or tenant investment is $2,000, the project could qualify for a Storefront Grant award of $1,000 (50%); projects over $5,000 could qualify for a Storefront Grant award of up to $2,500. The number of selected applications depends on funding available. Projects will be reviewed as they are submitted and selected based on a scoring system. The applicant must review the project with the Executive Director of Downtown Partners prior to submission. Projects will be due by the first of each month and announced after the board meeting. Board meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month.