Cloverleaf Cold Storage to Expand in Sioux City

Long-time Sioux City cold storage company Cloverleaf has announced plans to expand its operations in Sioux City’s Bridgeport Industrial Park. Due to recent the recent growth of its Farmer’s Produce division and new customers coming online throughout the region, the company has outgrown space at their existing warehouse space at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Murray Street.  Cloverleaf is a nationwide leader in the public and contract storage industry in refrigerated, frozen, and dry environments.  The company has expanded substantially nationwide and currently owns 16 food grade cold storage facilities and manages many more around the country. 

Cloverleaf Cold Storage plans to add more than 140,000 sq. ft. to the existing warehouse portion of the building with additional truck access and other site amenities.  Total investment for new construction, machinery and equipment is anticipated at $18 million. The company will add 8 new jobs to the Sioux City location as part of the project. 

In announcing the expansion, company co-owner Dan Kaplan said, “The latest in refrigeration, lighting, material handling, and loading dock technologies will be utilized in the construction and operation of the building.”

“We’re pleased to see the continued growth of industry in our community,” said Mayor Bob Scott. “Along with the recent relocation of its corporate offices to downtown Sioux City, we are very appreciative of the investments made by Cloverleaf and the leadership they have shown in our city.”  

Cloverleaf Cold Storage has requested the City’s support for an application to the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) for financial assistance with the High Quality Jobs Program. The City Council will be asked to take action on Monday, July 18 to support approval of the Cloverleaf application to the IEDA. With Council approval, the application would be considered by the IEDA Board of Directors on July 22.